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Mobile Beauty Therapist



Mal is the Founder of T Journey and has worked in the field of deep bodywork since 1994, both in learning and treating over 1000 clients from all walks of life in the UK and USA...View Mal’s CV



Mal’s top massage tip - Embrace the release of both emotional and physical pain during and after the session. It’s better to be out than keeping it in your body. Drink plenty of water, find a safe sacred space to be yourself to allow the healing process to continue.



Roxanaah has over 10 years of experience in a wide variety of massage techniques and Healing arts offering a deep yet relaxing and Healing experience to rejuvenate the mind and body and remove physical or emotional blockages.

Roxanaah is qualified in massage therapies including reflexology, Swedish, Aromatherapy, T Journey and energy Healing, She uses a variety of massage techniques to customize massage treatments to each persons' body and individual needs.


- Energy Healing
- Swedish/T Journey
- Reflexology
- Aromatherapy
- Deep Tissue

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